Beta than the S&P 600 – February Performance

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I had high hopes to add new names to the portfolio in February but unfortunately was busy at work and didn’t get to spend too much time looking for new stocks. I was able to find one – Argan, Inc which is an engineering and construction company for power plants and renewable energy. I’ll post more about that company in the near future.

In the meantime, here is how the portfolio fared for February.

February Performance

For the month my portfolio returned 0.90% which trailed the S&P 600 return of 1.58%. YTD the portfolio is up 3.51% versus the 1.17% return of the S&P 600.

February performance was hurt by LGI Homes which fell 6.6% after they were  downgraded by a Wells Fargo analyst and the price target was lowered to $26 to 28. LGIH reports earnings next week so it will give me a chance to reassess the position.

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Portfolio Holdings

Beta than the S&P 600






I sold out of the gold fund RING that I had been holding since last year. Gold has had a nice run and with a Fed ready to continue with the rate hikes, it is expected the dollar will continue to rise so it made sense to exit the gold miner position. I am now completely in small to mid cap stocks with market caps below $3 billion.

The only addition to the portfolio was Argan and I started off with small exposure to leave room if there is a dip.

I did make a short trade on Nautlius after the stock fell below $15 on February 22nd which looked too extreme for a one day move outside the lower Bollinger Band. I traded out of the position the next day when the stock came back up.


Stocks have now hit all time highs day after day. Well, today was a down day for a change. This makes me somewhat nervous but my plan is still continue ahead and stay fully invested, less 10% or so in cash. The point is to beat the S&P 600 and although it could be possible to do that in all cash (if the S&P 600 crashes), I want to try to do it through stock selection.